Katherine offers private, 60-minute sessions in her home studio in Lexington, KY. Private sessions include Pilates Method exercises, Physical Therapy, or a combination of the two services. Her studio includes a Pilates reformer with tower attachments, ladder barrel, wunda chair, floor mat, and spine corrector.

Together with your individual goals and pertinent medical history, Katherine will design a plan to help you continue or begin to move in a direction of wellness.


  • 8:00am – 6:30pm, Monday – Friday
  • (last appointment at 5:30 pm)


  •  $70/hour
  • $65/hour if you sign up for 4 or more sessions
  • Sliding scale available


  • Payment due at time of service
  • 24 hour cancellation notice appreciated
  • Confidentiality is honored

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear?

Comfortable clothing and no shoes in the studio. You can be barefoot (my preference!) or wear socks.

Will I be sore?

Generally not! Working deeply with the breath and emphasizing quality or quantity with movement, protects clients from experiencing soreness.

How often should I come?

Most clients come once a week and have some work they do at home between sessions, with my guidance. Clients are welcome to come more often or devise a plan that suits them best.

Do you accept insurance?

No. But, I can write a formal receipt for you to present to insurance for a refund. For example, I have had several clients use this for medical expenses covered in their Health Savings account.

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“Katherine Howe’s students benefit from her combined life experiences as a dancer, school teacher, physical therapist and second generation Pilates instructor trained under Mary Bowen. Her ability to provide instructions to complex concepts in a simple and easy to understand way stems from her self-awareness of movement as a former professional dancer and her instructional skills she developed as a school teacher. Her focus on breath work and presence within the movement builds new patterns and habits in an encouraging and safe way based on her training with Mary and her professional knowledge as a physical therapist. Katherine is an energetic, creative problem solver who has been instrumental in the development of my own work as a Pilates instructor and practitioner.”‘
Keri B. Lee, Certified Pilates Instructor

“In working with Katherine, I find that it is about the “work;” indeed, the movement is the focus. In my view that is critical to results that are measurable and improvement that is determinable. I see the benefits of my work with Katherine in my daily life: bone density, posture, muscle mass – all greatly improved. Nowhere is the impact of my Pilates work more keenly seen than in my sport of choice, riding and showing American Saddlebreds. Having core strength is essential but having the ability to breathe with the exercise is terribly important as well. I owe Katherine for a great deal of what I enjoy in life.”
Anita Britton, Founder of Britton/Johnson Law Firm and avid horseback rider

Katherine is so personable. It’s nothing like a doctors experience where you’re just another patient. She has probably been thinking about you, and her brain working over possible exercises and regimens for your needs, throughout the week. You can see her brain working and adapting as your session progresses. She’s not set in one diagnosis, which can be the most frustrating thing me for with other similar professionals. Physical therapy, Pilates, and ballet make for a well-rounded knowledge of the workings of the body. She has a gentle approach, but that special thing that makes you want to work hard and feel hopeful about your physical state.”
Faryn Kelly, dancer