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Katherine has the unique combination of anatomical knowledge and intuitive sense of body movement that allows her to fine tune a session to me physically at that particular moment in time. This coupled with long-range goals made each work out tailored specifically for me and kept me safe to explore my body in motion.”
Penny Camp

“I had a major stroke back in April 2013. And I am basically cut in half since then, with no feeling on my left side and still today. I have known Katherine since 2014 when she started working with me; she has been very instrumental in helping me walk to where I now walk several miles pretty much daily outside. She is now helping me work on finer motor skills. Her attitude was and continues to be very positive for me, encouraging every accomplishment I manage to do. Even when I think it is really nothing very much, she always reminds me that it was something that I could not do before, so, therefore, it is a big accomplishment! She has been a great help to me and my wife and I do not think of her as just my therapist, but also our friend. We would recommend her to anyone.
Derek Mayo