At Ravel Studio Pilates, I offer gentle rehabilitative movement and exercise based in the Pilates Method. I welcome those who simply want to start moving again, are recovering from an injury, whose “regular” physical therapy outcomes feel insufficient, or even the person who wants to explore moving in their bodies for the first time.

My goal is to make you feel welcome and to help explore movement in a manner that suits you best.

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Mabel Todd, author of The Thinking Body, reminds us “for every thought supported by feeling, there is muscle change.”

Rehabilitative exercise can face us in new and positive directions – informing us of habitual movement patterns that no longer serve us and creating new knowledge of movement more suitable to our present circumstances.

Moshe Feldenkrais said, “through awareness, we can learn to move with astonishing lightness and freedom at any age.”

I believe you can unravel disruptive habits and patterns of movement, not only through strength and flexibility, but by gaining a knowledge of your body.

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“Katherine has an uncanny ability to observe and listen and in turn, plan a session based on what I present to her on that particular day.  The benefits are immediate and sustainable.  Her follow-through is unique:  she recaps my session’s exercises and sends them to me by email.  This teaching technique is perfect for me as I am one of those people without a motoric memory.  Without her extra cues, I would not be able to work on my own between sessions. In my opinion, Katherine’s extensive knowledge based in anatomy and kinesiology plus her focus and passion for deliberate and careful movement serve to set her apart from other Pilates teachers.”
Susan Bachner, Occupational Therapist / Owner of Susan Bachner Consulting LLC

“Katherine taught me perfect form when I first started Pilates and her classes and private sessions helped me maintain that form. She helped me recover from multiple injuries with her amazing ability to design exercises to target the injured-specific areas.”
Angela Ford

Choose to feel better in your body!